Community betterment

Project Restoring Hope spreads Higher M-Pact’s message throughout high-risk communities. It features after-school programs that promote structure and provide positive activities for youth in the high-risk community. Project Restoring Hope also includes annual events, activities, celebrations and adopt-a-family programs that focus on building relationships and giving back to the community.

Project Restoring Hope includes:

Group and individual discussion mentoring

Higher M-Pacts works with youth on life skills, social skills and spiritual development in both individual and group settings. Our unique approach to mentoring helps the adults and youth connect by building relationships through trust and honesty. We arm the youth with cognitive thinking skills and moral reasoning to replace impulsive behavior. Interactive individual and group discussions focus on exploring past experiences, decision-making skills, goal setting and understanding tolerance.

Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts

Higher M-Pact collaborates with these youth organizations in bringing them to at-risk communities. The team facilitates meetings, provides event space at housing project community centers and arranges transportation.

Monthly birthday parties

Each month, Higher M-Pact hosts a birthday party for youth residents of Charlie Parker Square and Wayne Minor whose birthdays fall within that month. Each birthday honoree brings a guest to enjoy cake, ice cream and a present from their birthday wish list.

Kids Across America summer camp

Higher M-Pact arranges for youth to spend a week at this Christian sports camp, based in Branson, MO. The camp builds Christian leaders by encouraging, equipping and empowering urban youth and their mentors through camping and education.

Holiday adopt-a-family

Each year, local businesses and families provide low-income families in the high-risk community with groceries and gifts for the holiday season.

Special events and activities

These events and activities focus on involving the youth in something positive. They also help the youth meet some of their basic needs so they spend more time enjoying their adolescent years and less time worrying about their basic necessities. These special events and activities include sporting events, plays, concerts, recitals and educational events.

Project Restoring Hope
“Having a mentor means a lot to me because they sit down and talk to me like no one else does. They make sure I’m safe. They make sure I’m comfortable. That I have everything I need”