Make a difference. every dollar and every opportunity helps Higher M-Pact.

These things provide another step forward for the high-risk urban youth in our community. Help these youth rise to a better future by bringing hope and inspiration where it’s needed most.

It all starts with an unimagined ray of light in what was utter darkness and despair.  These are youth who never saw an option outside of their negative circumstances.  YOU can be that ray of light.  You can make an impact on these youth and your community!


Our volunteers come to Higher M-Pact to help high-risk adolescents, but many leave with the realization that they enriched their own life.

There are three ways you can help our high-risk urban youth through Higher M-Pact.

Partner with us

Higher M-Pact partners with churches, businesses, organizations and civic groups in many ways.

In addition to financial support, your company or organization can donate professional services to Higher M-Pact. There is also a great need for vocational opportunities, such as job shadowing, internships and entry-level jobs for the youth Higher M-Pact serves.

“It’s a valuable tool to the community because the children they’re trying to reach need to have the role models and the things that Higher M-Pact provides.”
Sherri Oaks