Individual Mentoring

This high-risk youth mentoring program offers intense, long-term mentoring for a select group of high-risk urban adolescents ages 11-18. Higher M-Pact also provides life and social skills training, spiritual development, education, job training, guidance counseling and recreational services. Our approach differs from the conventional “Mentor v. Mentee” relationship between adults and youth. We embrace a “Mentor v. Mentor” relationship that allows the youth to better communicate how the adults can assist them in meeting their needs through on-going individual and group interaction. As long youth remain in the Kansas City Metropolitan area, they remain in the program.  

The Leaders of Tomorrow program includes:

Group and individual counseling 

Higher M-Pact’s unique approach to mentoring and making a connection between adults and high-risk youth focuses on building relationships on trust and honesty. We arm the youth with cognitive thinking skills and moral reasoning to replace impulsive behavior. Individual and group interactive discussions focus on exploring past experiences, decision-making skills, goal setting and understanding tolerance.


The program expands the minds of urban youth through opportunities in the world of commerce. This job shadowing program shows youth how businesses run daily and gives them experience interacting with professionals. This motivates youth and emphasizes the importance of education and formal training.


This program benefits the core client base of high-risk urban youth. Our youth produce music and videos that portray stories with personal meaning and value to them. It serves as an emotional outlet and assists in re-examining past decisions and their consequences in an artistic and creative way.

Summer internships and apprenticeship program

The high-risk youth Higher M-Pact works with often obtain money by illegal means and/or are paid under the table. These programs give youth their first real-world work experience in a professional work environment. The experience allows them the opportunity to learn and apply critical job skills. We mentor the youth through the interview process, completing documents, establishing and maintaining relationships with co-workers and supervisors, and completing assignments and money management. Just as importantly, youth develop soft skills such as making eye contact when speaking, monitoring tone of voice when communicating, administering a firm handshake, and engaging in appropriate work conversation and behavior. The program teaches the youth the ethics and values expected of them and the consequences of their actions in a professional setting. The ultimate objective is for the youth to develop basic job skills that will lead to gainful employment.

Community service

Higher M-Pact gives back to the community through monthly and annual community service projects. In an attempt to give participants a rewarding feeling of giving back to their community and society, all the youth must contribute to every community service project. It is important for youth to experience stewardship within the community so they can feel good about themselves. However, it also repairs relationships with the community as adults observe youth improving the community instead of tearing it down. Their younger counterparts also benefit from this positive role modeling.  

Leaders of Tomorrow
“Any business that has the time to sit down and hear about what Higher M-Pact is doing, what they have done and their background, would see the merits in supporting the organization.”
Dr. Kristopher Bruso