Leaders of Tomorrow

This program offers intense, long-term mentoring for a select group of high-risk urban adolescents.

Higher M-Pact also provides life and social skills training, spiritual development, education, job training, guidance counseling and recreational services. 

Project Restoring Hope

Project Restoring Hope features after-school programs that promote structure and provide positive activities for our youth.

Project Restoring Hope also includes annual events, activities, celebrations and adopt-a-family programs that focus on building relationships and giving back to the community.

Bridging the gap

Higher M-Pact educates communities about the serious issues facing our high-risk urban youth and the effect they have on the community.

We also spread a message of hope and possibility that motivates the community to help these adolescents overcome the incredible obstacles they face everyday. 

Success Stories

John, 11 years old

John lived in housing project with single mother. He was affiliated with local gangs, routinely kicked out of school and banned from the local community center.  Flowers assisted John in improving his appearance and image by providing haircuts and new clothing to replace the dirty, tattered clothing he had been wearing. Flowers also mentored John on appropriate social behavior and monitored his school attendance. John’s new image gave him a new sense of self-esteem and helped him gain acceptance with his teachers, peers and other adults.

“The best thing about Higher M-Pact is the exposure to careers that are out there. The trust factor between HMP and the youth is great—I feel doors are opening because of this group.”
Marlene Gray