You can help

Many of our volunteers come to Higher M-Pact to help these high-risk adolescents build a better life, but leave with the realization that they actually enriched their own life in the process. Here are three ways you can help our high-risk urban youth through Higher M-Pact:

Event volunteers

Higher M-Pact needs volunteers for several large events throughout the year that benefit our high-risk urban youth. These volunteers help plan, prepare and execute these large events with the youth and their communities. This program provides a great way to help these kids and get started with Higher M-Pact.

Program volunteers

These volunteers get involved with an existing program or create their own program to see through from start to finish. Each volunteer typically spends one or two days each week working directly with the kids. Maybe you’d love to share your passion and skills for cooking or basketball or teaching math. Whatever your interest, passing it on to these high-risk youth teaches them new skills and provides positive mentoring along the way.

Staff volunteers

Staff volunteers commit the most time to Higher M-Pact but have the opportunity to make the biggest difference in the lives of our youth. These volunteers work daily with the youth. They get to know them, provide positive guidance and watch firsthand as these adolescents build a better future for themselves.

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“A lot of those kids do not expect to live past 21 years old, and Higher M-Pact puts hope inside of those children.”
Larry Ryan