(If you find yourself short on funds, feel free to sell off the Occult Fan I you should have grabbed in Balamb Garden, or some Elixirs.). Do people hold multiples? Once you're finished with this veritable cornucopia, it's time to leave Balamb Garden. Make sure to stop at the Pet Shop and grab [Pet Pals Vol. As to actually defeating the thing, you should be aware that physicals will only deal half damage. Laguna Dream 2: Centra 7. Time for some "serious negotiations!". The Tonberry Card is marginally better (Death spells are better than Confuse spells, which the cards respectively refine into), but it doesn't really matter either way. This is a page on the Triple Triad card Elnoyle from the game Final Fantasy VIII (FF8, FFVIII). Chapter 8: D-District Pris… Read on to find out locations where this enemy appears, weaknesses, obtainable items, and more. You'll be forced to change your party (Rinoa has to replace one of your party members; I recommend swapping her for Selphie, just be sure to swap out Junctions as well), then talk to Watts and tell him you're ready to be deposited in Timber. Or you can get them from the "guy in the back" in the cafeteria (the same guy you can win the Quistis card from). Save your game once they finish the explanation, then talk to Watts to begin (click here for information about completing it successfully). You can win Elnoyle cards from the following NPCs:10 Elnoyle cards can can be modded into one Energy Crystal, which can be refined into Pulse Ammo. That way, you can get a BUNCH of different cards to card refine, which will help you immensely in the game. Looking for a card player that uses Elnoyle? You'll eventually find yourself back outside the station; return to the pub, then to the house you visited earlier for more scenes. The only person who plays with just 2 levels of cards you can use you are already playing. The others are useful here and there, but not as useful as the ones high up on the list. And, to maximize your card winnings, play the Queen of Cards until the difference card rule pops up. Start by heading to the right of where the train dropped you off. The Forest Owls will outline the mission. It is a notable enemy for the Energy Crystal item it yields, needed for making various ultimate weapons. This is the highest chance of a player using it in a game. While you're in the area... Pay a visit to the Pig-Tailed Girl in the Balamb Garden Library to see this scene, the second (or third if you saw the Conceited SeeD earlier) in the Zell Love Quest. Draw, or Item Scrolls from the Timber Pet Shop and use Tool-RF to make them into 10 Wizard Stones each. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Be sure your Junctions are set up correctly (Zell's and Selphie's GF's will have been removed, so be sure to re-equip Quezacotl and Shiva to Zell and Siren to Selphie and Junction Magic as well); in particular, you should Junction Fire- or Earth-elemental Magic to Elem-Atk, and Slow to ST-Atk (refined from M-Stone Pieces or Spider Webs using Time Mag-RF). Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. Squall’s Lionheart requires one Adamantine (Card Mod Minotaur), four Dragon Fangs (commonly dropped by Grendel monsters, found in the forest near Galbadia Garden) and twelve Pulse Ammo (Card Mod Elnoyle, 10 Elnoyle cards = 1 Energy Crystal, 1 Energy Crystal = … Enter the house next door to Timber Maniacs. Administrator. Heehahaheehee.Elnoyle Elnoyle is an enemy in Final Fantasy VIII. Make sure to have won the Angelo Card from him first though; if you don't, Watts won't be available to play again for quite a long time. Back in control, speak to whomever you like; talk to Quistis twice, then try to leave the house to move things along. Make sure she goes to Dollet rather than Galbadia; if she heads to Galbadia, reload your save. Meanwhile, Quake is inferior to Tornado, but still gives massive boosts to stats, while Regen gives serious bonuses to HP-J especially. PM me if you have more. Final Fantasy VIII Walkthrough Part 12 - Timber Mission HD This is a let's play walkthrough with commentary for the Steam edition of Final Fantasy VIII in HD for the PC. Maxed out the clock once right after leaving Timber just because of card games :) I'm trying to get 20 Elnoyle Cards... then im out of there! You may be tempted to explore the city, but there'll be a better time to do so soon. While you're in the area... Zell Love Scene #3. Chapter 7: Deling City 10. This isn't that useful, since Card Mod recipes usually give faster results without costing as much Gil, but if you didn't Card Mod for whatever reason or you want to make Firaga or Stop spells (since refining scrolls is faster than cards in these cases due to poor Card Mod yields), be my guest. The first thing you should do is check out the Pet Shop (located to the left of the stairs up to the Balamb train platform). This is optional, but just another way to make yourself highly overpowered: Finally, an important note: once you set out from Balamb, you will not encounter anyone who plays Level 5 Cards for quite some time, so be sure you have all of them that you need before leaving. If they can use a level x card they have an equal chance of using any level x card and so on. Chapter 4: Timber 6. Well I’m here to tell you that you can get it as soon as you leave Timber heading for Galabadia Garden. Apparently Galbadia knew you were coming, so they decided to leave this...person?...here to attack you. If you don't care about stat boosts and insist that all your Junctions balanced, you can give Ifrit and Siren to Squall, Shiva and Diablos to Zell, and Quezacotl to Selphie, but note that this isn't all that much better Junction-wise and is far inferior in the long run due to the lost stat-boosting levels. View Source Report Thread Views. 3] and [Pet Pals Vol. (Funny how that works, isn't it?). The only exceptions are that Laguna's 3,000 Gil stash is only available to Laguna's party (though any Items purchased do transfer) while your normal Gil pile will be unavailable during the sequence (you won't be paid SeeD Salary either), that weapons are unique to the user (meaning upgrading a character's weapon only affects that specific character, not the character "Junctioned" to the character who upgraded the weapon), and that you cannot teach Quistis Blue Magic Limits during the sequence (but any Blue Magic Items you may come across will still be available afterwards, allowing you to teach her then). Go there, and you'll be thrust into battle against two G-Soldier grunts. The Hyper Wrist, obtained by refining the Zell Card, teaches a GF the Str+60% Ability, which naturally is a huge increase in physical power, especially if the character has a high base Str through Junctions or Levels. Version: 1.51 | Updated: 12/19/2019 Highest Rated Guide. I strongly recommend using this option. Each player in the game has 'levels' of cards they can use. Once you're done, grab Pet Pals Vol.2 from Rinoa's bed (now a bench) and save your game, then speak to Rinoa and tell her you're ready. Read on if you would like to find out more about Elnoyle including how to obtain it and what items can be obtained when using Card Mod. Levels/Exp gained and stat boosts (whether by level or by using stat Bonus abilities or Stat Boosting Items) will also carry over between the parties. You can get them from the old guy at the reception desk (one screen south of the lobby with the save point). Playing cards with everyone I could ever think of. Is there anyone who has these cards after timber? I didn’t take the opportunity because it was too late when I realized balamb was the only place to play them. If you're crazy for end-game efficiency and plan on using this guide's end-game GF assignments, teach Shiva the ability; one will learn it naturally much later on, and you'll acquire GFs from the third group relatively soon. Laguna Dream 3: Winhill 11. You'll find yourself in Timber, as Squall, Zell, and Selphie. Death Junctioned to ST-Atk gives a chance to instantly KO an enemy in addition to giving big boosts to offensive stats. Each card has four numbers, one for each direction (up, down, left, right); if one of the card's numbers is higher than the neighbor card and it belongs to the opponent, the card … Chapter 1: Balamb Garden 2. You should have no issue with the encounters, and Funguar can be used to Draw status Magic if you want. Don't leave the screen just yet, instead speak to Cid to receive the Magical Lamp. You don't want to rush off to Timber or Balamb Beach just yet either, we've got a short sidequest to take care of first (do so by clicking here). Elnoyle is the fifty-third card in the inventory and the ninth Level 5 card. Just started this game once more and I'm trying to find some Elnoyle cards before leaving on the train to Timber so I can get Lionheart on disc 1. For the uninitiated, Triple Triad is Final Fantasy VIII’s optional card game that many of the world’s NPC’s play religiously. This scene can only be seen now. I’m trying to not go onto disc 2 without Lionheart. This scene can only be seen now. 3. The second is Dream Sequence Laguna on Centra Ruins (when the group go to Galbadia Garden). While in a normal game you can learn them over time by just fighting battles as they come, in a Perfect Game this will gain you too many levels, so just learn them now. A drunk is blocking the back exit. This is your first experience with an Undead in FFVIII. After you're done playing with trains, your SeeD rank will change as appropriate (depending on whether you got caught or not). Does anyone know (or have a list) of the people in these areas from whom I can win elnoyle cards. FF VIII. Final Fantasy VIII . Chapter 6: Tomb of The Unknown King 9. Of the list, Triple and Full-Life Magic are two of the best Junction spells in the game (although Full-Life's horrible refinement yield really hurts its usage at the moment; there'll be more efficient methods to obtain it later), while Meltdown gives massive increases when Junctioned to Vit-J. Pay a visit to the Pig-Tailed Girl in the Balamb Garden Library to see this scene, the second (or third if you saw the Conceited SeeD earlier) in the Zell Love Quest. 1. This will result in the adjacent cards with the same numbers being flipped (if they’re the opponent’s cards). If you plan to Draw from it (both Berserk and Double are useful spells), inflict Slow on Gerogero, then get Drawing. If it sets a status, heal the character with a Draw-cast of Esuna, then keep drawing. It sells a number of useful Items (Amnesia Greens and the Pet Pals magazines are the most notable at this point), and you should also sell off any Elixirs in your inventory if you got the Angelo Card earlier for a little extra cash. All previously-available refinements can still be done also, in case you didn't do them. Here, you can start the Queen of Cards sidequest by losing the MiniMog Card to her, which I recommend you do (click here for more information). © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. In the forests around Timber, you’ll encounter an enemy called a Grendel, which is a beefy looking ground-based dragon. Other Angelo skills are perfectly fine to teach him, since they're only used with the Combine command. 4] before you leave. Name: name of card; Elemental: card's elemental endowment; Card Mod: the item(s) a card will refine to, using the GF Card Mod ability on the menu screen. Chapter 5: Galbadia 8. Examine the magazine piles here to find the Girl Next Door (no, you can't read it), which is a unique item used in an optional event later. Archived. I've looked online but can't really find anything other than mugging a Blitz (which rarely appear and don't even have the Power Generator's needed to refine into a Pulse Ammo) and she doesn't fancy trying to get 20 Elnoyle cards. Go to Cid's office (3F) and play him in cards to win the Seifer Card, an excellent playing card. 3] and [Pet Pals Vol. He'll move out of the way, letting you pass through the door. There's an area where you fight Elastoid. Final Fantasy VIII; Elnoyle Cards on Disc 1; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Choose (Leave him alone) to proceed. Of course, you could have massive stocks from refining Cards, but if you didn't play much Triple Triad, the option is there. While entirely optional, you can veer south from the station area and pass the Junk Shop and Hotel to where two Elite Soldiers are threatening the Timber guards. Dropped by: enemy will occasionally drop this card after you defeat it in battle. This is your last opportunity to obtain the Battle Meter and the Magical Lamp (both given to you by Cid). There's also a Cure Draw Point on the second screen and a Water Draw Point near the truck, but again you should have plenty of both spells. ... Doomtrain: Winnable from the pub owner at Timber after encounters with the Card Queen Eden: Defeat Ultimate Weapon to get Eden and it's card Ward: Winnable from Dr. Odine. Dynamo stones from the Blitz cards, Vampire fangs from Red Bat cards (i think), and any other cards you like to refine for items will be quadrupled with the difference trade rule. "But the Owls are still around" will allow you to continue, but feel free to select either of the other options for laughs. As a reminder: if you're looking for something in particular, in Balamb Garden, for Level 3 Cards Trepe Groupie #2 has the best and easiest set available, while for Level 4 Cards the student that randomly appears in the hallway to the Library is arguably the best source, and for Level 5 Cards Trepe Groupie #1 is best. So, for starters, here is what we are going to be needing to make the Lion Heart. Make sure to stop at the Pet Shop and grab [Pet Pals Vol. Here is a list of all the cards in the game and where to find them. Essentially, if you are so concerned with getting Lionheart early in the game you will have to stick with this. (It mods very nicely, but hold off a bit on modding it; by doing so, we can make a little extra money.) After the battle, you'll see more scenes. You can first challenge Watts during the Forest Owls mission in Timber while you are on the train (click on the link to go to that section of the walkthrough).. You can talk to people along the car if you want, but your objective is the far-back compartment, where a familiar-looking woman is sleeping. When Laguna stands up, simply approach the piano and return to your table, then, after you can move again, speak to the hotel receptionist. The kiosk on the other side of the stairs from the Pet Shop doesn't sell anything, but does give some minor hints. Mugging isn't recommended, 2x Phoenix Down is not really a good result at all. From here on out, there's little to do but watch the scenes. It is a notable enemy for the Energy Crystal item it yields, needed for making various ultimate weapons. The easiest way to win is just to use an X-Potion, Elixir, or Phoenix Down on it; the former two will kill it instantly, while the latter has a 25% chance of doing so. Items: Geezard Card (x5), Red Bat Card (x4), Buel Card (x3), Anacondaur Card (x2), Cactuar Card, Siren Card, Occult Fan II, Timber Maniacs, Phoenix Down + … I'm trying to get 20 Elnoyle Cards... then im out of there! How do I find elnoyle in ultimecias castle for pulse ammo? Elnoyle is the fifty-third card in the inventory and the ninth Level 5 card. Author Topic: Elnoyle card (Read 5707 times) FFLover100. There are multiple ways to obtain Pulse Ammo on the first disc of Final Fantasy VIII: Card Mod 20 Elnoyle cards to get 2 Energy Crystals. Instead, approach the man on the stairs by where you got off the train. ----- Elnoyle* Description: Level 5 Monster Card Location: win or Card Elnoyle (Found in Esthar) 5 Card: 6 3 7 Card Mod: 10 for 1 Energy Crystal Special: Mod 80 cards… Mix rules; if Open spreads, great, if not, keep trying (if Same abolishes, or Watts stops asking to mix rules, reset and try again; we need Galbadia to have Same for now, so we can change rules in another region later), then play him for real and win the Angelo Card from him. Just whack him and move on. The Timber Mission Final Fantasy VIII ... Go to Cid's office (3F) and play him in cards to win the Seifer Card, an excellent playing card. They suck just as much as they always have, so have at it. Its appearance is similar to the boss Elvoret, except for the dull brown coloration. So say you play a Malboro card (seven on top and right, four on bottom, two on left) adjacent to two other cards so that two of the Malboro’s sides (7, 7, 4, 2) are touching the same numbers of at least two other cards on at least two sides. Approach them to fight the soldiers. You'll receive 8x Zombie Powder upon victory. Now head to Balamb Town (save outside of town). The Angelo Card can be won by challenging Watts to a card game. The Seifer Card will still be available later, but there's absolutely no reason not to grab it now. You'll be given a chance to name her (Default: Rinoa) and her dog (Default: Angelo), then you'll receive a tutorial on how Rinoa's Combine skills work. Once you reach the truck, get in to continue. Once you have Diablos (and if you don't have it, go get it), assign your GFs like so. And return to Timber to play Card Queen, change trading rules and playing rules too. If you want to fight it "straight up," magic will likely outdamage physicals (unless your Str stat is very high), just remember to heal any status ailments. Once that's all over, go back to where you started. Staff member. Find guides to this achievement here. Speak to everyone else (you'll also need to speak to Selphie in the hallway until she stops saying new lines), then to Zell. Energy Crystals are used to refine Ultima magic, to create the most powerful ammo for Irvine and to create some of the most powerful weapons in the game, including:. Final Fantasy VIII Magazine Locations: all magazines, including missables, in pick-up order. In order to obtain each of the rare cards a player must first lose a card to the Queen. This is a page on the enemy Elnoyle from the game Final Fantasy VIII Remastered (FF8, FFVIII). Don't forget to pick up the Girl Next Door (the magazine, not your neighbor). Now, this is a long a rather tedious process, as we are going to be playing a TON of Triple Triad to farm Elnoyle cards. Veteran. These can slow down Angelo Searching later in the game (which you will need to do a lot of), and aren't all that great of skills, so avoid teaching these. Speak to him to heal; you can also examine the cupboards 4 times for 500 Gil, but you can no longer heal if you do that.) Battle and junction effects and refinement/drawing information for the Elnoyle monster in Final Fantasy VIII (FF8, FFVIII, PlayStation Network, PS, PS1, PSX, PSN) In addition, the following refinements can be done now, to prepare to craft the two best ultimate weapons in the game by the end of Disc 1. Final Fantasy VIII - Triple Triad Card Level: Level of card, different levels show up on different pages of the card album. Upon awakening, grab the Weapons Mon Apr magazine from your bedside table and save your progress, then head to the front gate to receive your mission briefing and have Zell and Selphie placed into the party. Lionheart (Squall) Shooting Star (Rinoa) GFs marked in red have moved since the last time we Junctioned: The idea behind this arrangement is to balance out Junctions the best possible, while giving the stat Bonus abilities to the characters who can make best use of them. Head outside now, and speak to the G-Soldier here. 12 Pulse Ammo. Leave when you're finished (excellent advice in most areas of life, actually). Within the old Timber Maniacs building in one of the back rooms you will find an old [Timber Maniacs] issue that you should read. Final Fantasy 8 Remastered is an updated version of the PlayStation classic and is now avaailable for all of the current gen consoles (and PC)!! I would recommend getting all of the Elnoyle cards before you do the first Dollet mission. Start by heading to the right of where the train dropped you off. The Card Queen is part of a side quest in FF8 that encourages players to find rare cards, none of which the Queen has in her possession. Luckily, he's an absolute joke, with no attacks capable of seriously threatening you and low HP to boot. Aboard the train, you'll see more scenes. Elnoyle is a Triple Triad card in Final Fantasy VIII used to play the minigame and for turning into items with Quezacotl's Card Mod. Elnoyle card « previous next » Print; Pages: [1] Go Down. There is absolutely no one in the game who can use just level 5 cards so the next best is 2 levels of cards. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. The discovery of this natural resource drawn directly from the planet's life force marked the dawn of a new era... Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. Also already passed the dream sequence. Each player in the game has 'levels' of cards they can use. Elnoyle card « on: March 27, 2009, 08:19:13 PM » I am currently at Deling city and have just modded Minitaur into adamantines when I realised that I only had 14 Elnoyle cards :O Who plays them on the Deling/Timber/Dollet continent … Ammo Refine the 2 Energy Crystals into the 20 Pulse Ammo. (Alternately, if you're playing a Remaster version, you can simply use the No Random Encounters cheat; however, this possibility will not be taken into account in the rest of the guide, since it is, as mentioned, a cheat and not really part of the game per se.). Beat her, and hope that rule sticks. "How is this possible?!" It was an independent country before neighboring country Galbadia invaded 18 years ago. Final Fantasy 8 Remastered may be a game of magic, love, and battles that transcend time itself, but it’s also home to one of the most addictive mini-games of all time: Triple Triad. The pub is actually down the steps on the screen to the right of the house. Elnoyle Elnoyle is an enemy in Final Fantasy VIII. AS a Level 5 card Elnoyle has middling values, but its value placements may be useful for games that use Same and/or Plus. (This may be too much time grinding for your taste (about one hour); if it is, feel free to stop whenever you feel like, but getting Mag Bonus now will really help you in the long run.). Its appearance is similar to the boss Elvoret, except for the dull brown coloration. Timber Maniacs achievement in Final Fantasy VIII Remastered: Collect all Timber Maniacs magazines - worth 95 Gamerscore. Another note (and this applies throughout the entire game, mind you, not just here) is that in some of the Card Mod chains especially, you may have an intermediate ingredient already instead of the Card (or other beginning ingredient); in this case you can just do the refinement directly with your inventory stock. ... Dollet and Timber. Also remove Mug if you have it. Gerogero loves to spam status attacks, but thankfully the Esuna spell in its Draw List combined with its Undead nature more or less negates this threat. Featuring a storyline developed by the creator of Chrono Trigger and Xenogears, Chrono Cross has been christened the ... A mysterious organization is turning the tides of a century-long war with ancient technology - giant combat robots kn... Saga Frontier 2 introduces a complete renovation of the RPG genre. From here, use the Save Point, then simply follow the path to the TV station, viewing the scenes along the way. Elnoyleis a Triple Triadcard in Final Fantasy VIIIused to play the minigameand for turning into itemswith Quezacotl'sCard Mod. I don't have any specific percents or probabilities, but I always found that Zell's mom in Balamb uses Enoyles more than anybody else I've tried. You can also buy Command Scrolls (any type is fine) from the Pet Shop and refine them into 10x Wizard Stone each with Tool-RF, and then into 5 of whatever high-level magic you like with the appropriate magic refinement ability (requires 2 scrolls per spell per character to get 100 spells). If you are on Galdabia/Timber, you lose your chance of getting E. cards, then turn elnoyle cards into energy crystials using card mod ability and then use ammo-rf ability to turn e. crystals into pulse ammo. Its most dangerous trick is its "Brrawghh!" I keep Plating Triple Triad with the Trepe fan in the cafeteria (in the back). Trepie fan #1 (in the cafeteria) has a ((1C1 x 20C4)/21C5) probability of using an Elnoyle card which is about 24%. Early Pulse Ammo - CD1: Get Elnoyle Cards before leaving Balamb.