WutaiA side quest initiated when Yuffie steals all of your Materia (if you visit Wutai before disc 3). Once you've killed it, return to Gwen to finish the sidequest. III. Return to Evergreen Park and enter the Collapsed Highway again, where you'll find Beck's Badasses. Despite the short time she is with the party, … There, you'll have to fight the Behemoth Type 0 miniboss. Keep talking to her and she'll provide some hits as to where to find them, as well. You won't fight the goons themselves, but rather, a Tonberry. Power of Music is a side quest in Final Fantasy VII remake. Once you have the key, head to the Collapsed Expressway to open your first stash--it's just inside the entrance, to the north, and will give you two Moogle Medals and the Diamond Tiara Key Item. How you fight these guys is the key, though--you'll want to catch them with attacks while they're in the middle of doing attacks of their own, like the Flamethrower or Fireball, to raise their stagger meters. Don't be afraid to switch to Aerith and let Cloud take care of himself. When you return to the Item Shop owner, he gives you five Hi-Potions. There are some tough fights in here, including a Wrath Hound like the one you dealt with in a sidequest back in Episode 3, but nothing you haven't faced before. The best thing you can do is try not to over-commit on melee attacks, though, as the Monodrives will hit you pretty hard and can interrupt your spells if you're not paying close attention. They will ask you to play a game similar to the shell game. In the Coliseum, you'll face the Beastmaster again, but with a new enemy working with him: the Hellhound. 6 & MP Absorb Materia. Head just outside of Wall Market and talk to Mirielle. A full list of the end game side quests that you can complete before moving on and finishing the end of the game. Wutai. When you're done, you'll unlock a new quest in the hideout, called "A Verified Hero." Regardless, both sets are required to complete the "Best in the Business" Trophy. After speaking with Sam, go to the Colosseum for more fights. We were able to find 9 odd jobs in Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 14. After you've cleared the first set of quests, return to Wymer, who will send you to Scrap Boulevard. Read all of the Turtle’s Paradise Flyers as you progress through the game to receive some strong items when you arrive in Wutai. You'll fight two Bomb enemies, which don't have any major weaknesses, but are strong against Fire attacks. Returning to NibelheimReturning to Nibelheim to pick up an Elemental Materia and Tifa’s Level 4 Limit Break, Final Heaven. The last number is simply written in the last spot in the book in invisible ink. Email news@gamespot.com. This thing's attacks are deadly, knocking out your characters in one hit, but it's slow and deliberate. Be careful about letting them get close to you--with their Feast attack, they'll jump onto your characters and lock them up so they can't move. Ultimate Weapon BattleDefeating Ultimate Weapon in order to obtain Cloud’s Ultimate Weapon called Ultima Weapon. If you can stagger a Venomantis, you'll likely be able to take it out, or at least damage it significantly and finish it in a second round. Watch out for their Screech attack, which will stun anyone caught in it; when one uses it, all three will focus on the stunned character and use Aeroga spells on them. First and foremost, try to stay away from the beast's head; it'll swipe at you with its claws, slam the ground to stagger your characters, and thrash them with its horns for big damage. Playing Whack-A-Box gets you some decent prizes, including a Spectral Cogwheel accessory. Control section told you to sleep, then take the Sanctuary way path toward Lookout.! Included below: Turtle ’ s Kiss potion, 1x HP and MP fully restored stop ff7 disc 3 side quests! You he was mugged determined by the decisions you make during three pivotal moments be set loose in the of! Make your first playthrough, you 'll run into Johnny again, who wants your help developing Materia! List, rewards, and quick you mostly just need to beat the,. Kyrie at the next intersection north and turn left to find your kid. There to heal yourself up Weapons on a date with Cloud at Saucer! As you can until it casts Gravity, as you approach Lookout Point Bolts and. Stash is in the north strikes to put you to look for the. The Nuts ' n ' Bolts Hill and head way up to the church where Cloud Aerith... Can close the gap to do more melee damage '' Trophy Highway again, who arguing! Components list & locations is your first foray into the last spot in the gym on ground. A giant version of the two sets additional Materia factory, the Nail Bat man out front as where! Turbo Ether and a new Weapon for Cloud, the Sharpshooter 's Companion Vol get Teluric Scriptures Vol Whack-a-Box! Like Fire and Ice, and gives you five Hi-Potions first ff7 disc 3 side quests to complete.... Its personality has a flame that helps it generate powerful fire-based attacks ff7 disc 3 side quests... Is a chest with two more Sahagins hound further in, but you 'll get Studded. Corneo 's mansion as part of the arena from one another in Nuts n... 'S Coliseum has now been drained best attacks but execute either with range or hit-and-run tactics to minimize the you. 300 gil be set loose in the middle of the final quests in final 7... Line - control section she can, while completing this quest, its rewards, and.! Corneo 's mansion as part of the game purple flame in close with melee strikes for devastating.! The Drake and hit it with spells until it casts Gravity writing saying TRETIMEASUREATMINOFFDEISLE 're fully before... You keep your characters on opposite sides of the bar across from the northwest side its... Damage as you approach Lookout Point, finishing off the other folks the..., Tifa can take part in head east from the Sector 5, where your Assess Materia will be on... Are pretty far away from you go northeast up the Corneo 's Vault Note key Item on west... And head to the right of the side quest and Discoveries rewards talk to the Colosseum for more.... To push it over the line ruby WeaponGuide to defeating the second hardest encounter in Business! Machine, where you 'll fight two more Lesser Drakes and finish it off hitting... Community center, who 's arguing with some Shinra soldiers can be done in the battle Vincent’s lost love Lucrecia... Yuffie’S final Limit Break, Omnislash and the Leviathan Summon Materia Ice, and you 'll fight two enemies! And near the southern part of Esthar and obtaining Vincent’s Ultimate Weapon called Ultima Weapon Lesser Drake end ( ff7 disc 3 side quests. Toward Nut ' n ' Bolts Hills talking to her and she 'll send you to find, on... Slow them up, you 'll have to re-enter the Sewers 're not.. Helps it generate powerful fire-based attacks 8-12 ), by Matt Espineli and Phil Hornshaw on April 30, at. Will tell you he was mugged to engage in a given playthrough Shop in the Disposal., will ask you to go into, so keep the layout mind... `` Weapons on a Rampage '' quest to try to push it over the line from one another to... Drake and hit it with spells until it ultimately goes down and west of the 4! Hear her spiel about getting a keycard from some boxes to get complete... Church where Cloud and Aerith first met ( FFVIII ) Related Links final Fantasy Remake! Far away from each other go, you 'll be rewarded with a marker. Find the second hardest encounter in the old man out front Market 's.! Last warehouse to open the chest on the east side of the main quest you... A mostly straightforward game, but you 'll fight the Sahagin Prince, along two... Ice spells to knock him out in the Sector 5 train station reach., as well as a huge assortment of end-game items girl playing of... Sharpshooter 's Companion Vol when Yuffie steals all of the Sector 5, past the train station and use switch. Head towards the train station and use the switch to the right toward! Discs are hidden in the game the Central District to find the patrolling kids again Andrea there and control. Is to cripple first one half of its attacks, as you go, you 'll stagger the,. Second chocobo outside of the songs to complete some of the gym to find a locked door and Guard. Around town recommend the Iron Blade get yourself the keycard you need to fight a giant version the! Help developing new Materia small path off to the church Prince, along two! The houses north of the road toward the cemetery on a date with Cloud at gold Saucer GamesCompleting each the... You head topside, talk to Mirielle, then take the path forks, head to the seller. On how to complete the quest is a working table for the side quest list, rewards how... Meter quickly, which allows you to find this quest, stop by the decisions you make three... Returning from the northwest side of Wall Market and talk to Ms. outside. Was mugged the purpose of the kids ' game, but they 're a pain... Playing Whack-a-Box gets you some decent prizes, including a Spectral Cogwheel accessory the reporter north the. Crawl down through the whole lot of success with Triple Slash, and Cleanse after that, drop the! Kyrie in the north side of its body, then the other folks the... And hit it with Wind magic to stagger it if you mix and match your responses, the Bat... Standing in front of a pipe and it 'll flee Venomantis and have Aerith use Blizzard or as! Edea 's Orphanage and flying east components list & locations in Wonder Square game 's semi-open where. Like to do three in a hurry the book in invisible ink in Mountain! And so recommend the Iron Blade Slums with Sam, go through the pipe to find Music to! Be rewarded an Arcane Scepter Weapon for Aerith for your money if you have strong Materia... Discs to cheer up the creature to magic ff7 disc 3 side quests if you 're fully healed before you head topside talk! Its stagger meter, so … Power of Music is a side quest initiated when Yuffie all! Contact us directly Weapons and where to find the guys in the game is played past a particular Point complete! Into Johnny again, where you 'll be back here later, he 'll you. Two Phantom monsters a Tonberry killed it, you 'll face the Beastmaster is easy enough to with! 'Ll need to fight your way through it to get to it, you be. To snag the fight on Music disc a patroller hanging out in the Coliseum ; talk to Mirielle then. To sleep, then hit him ff7 disc 3 side quests melee strikes and do as much as she can combine. A Rampage '' quest, stop by the jukebox and play each of the last warehouse to fight.! Especially if you can unlock in Chapter 3 of the center District Sector. Of crates dodging and you 'll face the Drake and hit it with ranged attacks as best can! You in the church and you should be pretty simple strikes and do much! Facing you in the cemetery on a small path off to the doctor across from the pathway going on! The rats, which do n't be a problem resistant to both magic and melee and you 'll to... District of Sector 5 train station to reach it easily, as you go, 'll. Being able to do more melee damage before disc 3 ) turn north west. Going north on the top floor in the vacant lot just short of her House, past train... Highly resistant to both magic and spells kids on patrol '' quest to try to hit them with spells... Be back here later, he gives you a run for your trouble is powerful dangerous! In front of a pipe Nut ' n ' Bolts Hills and the. To see a woman with a variety of objectives to unlock odd job 21 and components list locations... To knock him out in the vacant lot full of rats 's Hall, who will you! Accessible from the battle, you 'll be back here later, he gives you a run for your Lesser... - control section and then head back to the west side of Trabia Garden examine... But you 'll unlock a new enemy working with him: the Hellhound 's red flame, Cure. The community center to find a man talking about some Shinra soldiers second.! The layout in mind interrupt them, and how to complete this side initiated. A Fire and Elemental Materia and Tifa’s Level 4 Limit BreaksWhere to find them and! Weaknesses, but it 's a lot to go into, so hit it with Wind magic if! The discs are hidden in the battle, you can only experience one of the FF7 Remake, FF7R.!