“Before you came, I didn’t know what I wanted to be or what I wanted to do in five years but now I know whether I get out of jail or not I want to get my GED and a job before I’m 18 years old.”
Anonymous Youth
“I have been exposed to a lot of things – meeting lawyers, doctors, people who have their own businesses, going to college tours that I didn’t know existed – a lot of things that I never thought I would have a chance to be a part of.”
“At the core level, the kids and the adolescents that are served though Higher M-Pact become aware of a new type of hope and a shift in paradigm relative to where they are and where they can be.”
Drew Hiss
“Having a mentor in life is a big deal because I didn’t have a father figure. My mentor (Tyrone) is like a father figure to me and teaches me how to be a man. ”
“I enjoy everything about Higher M-Pact. I think it’s great and a great influence and it helps a lot of people.”
“Having a mentor means a lot to me because they sit down and talk to me like no one else does. They make sure I’m safe. They make sure I’m comfortable. That I have everything I need”
“Higher M-Pact showed me great things. They took me to my first concert. And it shocked me because I never thought I could be in a position like that. With the things that I’ve gone through in my life, I never even imagined that this could be possible.”
“No other organization around compares to Higher M-Pact. And I've been around a long time to say that.”
Raymond Roddy
“It’s a valuable tool to the community because the children they’re trying to reach need to have the role models and the things that Higher M-Pact provides.”
Sherri Oaks
“Higher M-Pact gives high-risk kids opportunities they don’t have. We watch Tyrone and Renee open doors for those kids.”
Larry Ryan
“It’s really neat to see it one on one and see it first hand how these kids have developed and been turned into leaders of the community that then can be role models for these other children growing up in this program.”
Veronica Mallouk
“I feel more positive, because if I feel down about a situation, all I have to do is ask them and they’ll help me in anyway they can.”
“They’re doing a wonderful job dealing with the kids, showing them there’s more than just street life and turning them into brilliant young adults. I feel like they’re friends instead of just a program. I love them.”
Antoinette McCoy
“Higher M-Pact has given me a place to belong and people to believe in me.”
“Any business that has the time to sit down and hear about what Higher M-Pact is doing, what they have done and their background, would see the merits in supporting the organization.”
Dr. Kristopher Bruso
“The best thing about Higher M-Pact is the exposure to careers that are out there. The trust factor between HMP and the youth is great—I feel doors are opening because of this group.”
Marlene Gray
“A lot of those kids do not expect to live past 21 years old, and Higher M-Pact puts hope inside of those children.”
Larry Ryan
“Get involved with Higher M-Pact because it’ll change your heart, it’ll change your outlook, it’ll change the way that you view life and it will open your eyes to problems that exist in our own backyards.”
Drew Hiss
“To be honest, without Higher M–Pact, I don’t know where I’d be right now.”