If you don’t want to add beer, use wine, or just leave it out), 1 tbsp fresh thyme, minced (substitute with 1 tsp dry), 1 tbsp fresh rosemary, minced (substitute with 1 tsp dry). dried mint ¼ cup nutritional yeast 1 tsp sea salt 1 tsp beetroot powder ½ t What Should You Do With The Waste From Your Morning Coffee? I made my stew rather thick because that’s how we like it, but you can definitely make it soupier. Start the Scotch broth. My food is, sensual, mouthwatering and rustic, with Middle Eastern & Mediterranean flair . Aw Lisa, that sounds awesome, be sure to let me know what else you are enjoying from the book ! Included some other spices: 2 bay leaves, dry mustard, oregano, roasted coriander, a bit of cumin, and some liquid smoke. Nondairy ½ cup unsalted vegan butter, such as Miyoko’s 2 cups unflavored, unsweetened nondairy milk, such as Oatly 8 oz. Stir well to coat the veggies, and cook for another minute to heat up the flour. Putting together a Christmas dinner for ~80 people, most of whom are not vegan. Miriam i just made this recipe as i have been vegan for almost 8yrs and this is my first attempt at meat substitute. Add the thyme, rosemary, carrots, mushrooms, potatoes and celery and saute until the vegetables are all well mixed together. ¼ cup all-purpose flour (you can use whole wheat or even a gluten-free flour like … Your email address will not be published. Well, in spite of my having seen my Greek Cypriot father prepare kleftiko many times in his restaurants, my vegan version thankfully involves no animal cruelty, yet contains all the essence of pleasure to be found in this iconic Greek dish. Some gluten seems to be more potent than other brands. The Kenwood has only metal attachments – the choices are a cake mixing whisk, a wire whisk (intended for beating cream/egg whites ) and a dough hook. Then add the wet ingredients, and spoon the lot in to your food processor, which you should set up with a plastic blade (not the metal one), and process for 1 minute until incorporated. Browse 77,296 lamb meat stock photos and images available, or search for raw meat or cooked meat to find more great stock photos and pictures. We weren’t able to taste it at all, obviously – silly us! Hi Miriam, excited to try this! Often times it can be to do with the temperature it was cooked. Add the remaining flour and stir well to mix, about two minutes. I devoured this. couple questions though, did you find the after taste of gluten to be quite strong? I can do it for as long as knead-ded (lol sorry). Please keep up the amazingly inspirational work, I use your books more than any others. It is a neutral stock that lends itself well to taking on the flavor of the meat used for the essence, in this case lamb. Most basic printers these days are not too costly and jolly useful too ! Thanks for taking the time to respond. Hi Irene and thanks for dropping by here with your comment. Soak the TVP or soy chunks in hot water for 30 minutes. All products use premium ingredients, fresh vegetables, herbs, extra virgin olive oil and pure sea salt from the Great Southern Ocean. My kitchen smells divine. Thalia Hi there, Kalimersou and thanks for dropping by here. Do you think it would suffer from being reheated? Instant Coffee. Otherwise, it has an awful tendency to clump, and because the dough is pretty dry you can never quite knead them out and end up with little balls of beat powder at the end. Thanks for the recipe! I can’t wait to try out some recipes. Have you any tips to why mine turned out very spongey and tough? Hope this helps and look forward to your future comments on my blog ! Hi Miriam stumbled on your recipe and wish to try it out but vital wheat gluten is out of reach. Brown the chunks on all sides over medium heat. Place a lid on top, turn the heat up to high, and bring it up to a boil. Looks amazing. MIX FOR ADDING TO THE JOINT IN THE BAKING DISHsalt to taste½ cup olive oil1 tsp date syruppeppercorns2 Tbsp soya sauce1 tsp misofresh mint1 tsp dried oreganothe juice of half a lemon. Are they the same as soya granules? Heartbroken Dog Who Refused to Eat for 10 Days After Losing Her Guardian Says One Last Goodbye, ¼ cup all-purpose flour (you can use whole wheat or even a gluten-free flour like rice flour), 2 cups button or crimini mushrooms, halved or quartered if large, 2 medium carrots, cut into rounds about ⅙ of an inch thick, ½ bottle of beer (use a Guinness for more authenticity. Can I use polenta or wholemeal flour? Hope you have subscribed to my channel for a weekly notification of my new work ! Rebecca x. Rebecca Hi. On top of the mouth-watering taste, our Lamb Stock Pots are quick and easy to prepare. Bring to a boil, then simmer over low heat for one … Same with date syrup. Leading the vegan food revolution with some of the best plant-based recipes on the planet. That said, if you have a preference to either, then go ahead and throw caution to the wind, and enjoy ! It’s made by taking soy flour — a byproduct of soy oil … They are recipes that are designed to be made up the day before, and then rolled easily into their savory dough (store bought works), then scored and freshly baked (as per the recipe suggests). No Tuna and Zalmon Sashimi Kalamariz Lemon Shrimp GTFO It’s Vegan is vegan redefined…appealing to individuals who may not be vegans today but are seeking to … Heat all but 1 tsp of the vegetable oil in a dutch oven or a large, heavy-bottomed pot. I can’t wait to try this. If not, you’re really missing an incredible treat that will never let you down. Cheers and hope this helps. x, Hi there Jude and thanks for supporting my work – so glad you love the recipes. 20 in stock. Cheers ! Serve hot. BTW hope you enjoy my new YouTube Channel entitled ‘Mouthwatering Vegan TV’ – my 1st video being a vegan juicy steak (flambe), please subscribe if you wish – I am posting weekly ! P.S. It is FODMAP certified and includes labeling for No Animal Contents, lactose, gluten, translate fat, and … Vindaloo is a spicy, pungent curry originally from Goa, on the southwestern coast of India. . Now put some chopped garlic, mint and peppercorns on the joint and spoon the joint-mix on to the joint. I bet it smells good too!! I could have a hard Our Vegan Stock Mixes are made with the finest ingredients and will produce the perfect stock every time. I don’t have a food processor – I have a Vitamix blender and a Kenwood Chef food mixer. Hi Liam – I would say at least 4 people, again, this does depend on portion sizes, but if you’re going to serve it with potatoes then 4 should be ample. It worked perfectly (I think) – tastes yummy and full of texture. (VIDEO), Balloon Releases Are Killing Wildlife and Marine Animals – Here’s What You Can Do Instead, Why Factory Farming Is a Broken System Where Extreme Animal Cruelty and Abuse Is the Norm, 5 Ways to Naturally Protect Wood From Water Damage, Yaki Onigiri: Japanese Rice Balls With Sweet Potato and Avocado Filling [Vegan]. Thanks for sharing your recipes, they look delicious. ... Lamb Flavoured Vegan Stock Mix. Soak raw cashews in water and blend with filtered water (about 1 cup) – add a … Pour in 12 cups cold water or enough to cover. Well said, Miriam! Thank you for sharing your wonderful-looking recipes. Perhaps its the flour? Lamb is a very greasy and fatty meat, trying to create a vegan alternative in itself is virtually impossible, so to take the oil out of it is like saying you’re going to make chocolate without cocoa. Hello there, Miriam. Let me know how it goes as and when. Rather than veal stock, this recipe calls for rich turkey stock. Place the garlic halves in the corners of the paper around the joint, making sure there is enough slack paper to cover some of the joint afterwards. Then remove the liquid stock from the joint and allow the joint to cool down for 20 minutes. That looks amazing! Hope this helps, and more importantly that you enjoy it ! . Thanks. (I’m not British, I’m originally from the US), Hi Andrea, and welcome here. Meanwhile, prepare your joint mix. The plastic blade is somethimes called a dough blade and can be used for bread and pasta dough, though many people find the metal blade also works well for these types of foods. Tofu. Even my non-veg parents enjoyed it. At what stage of kneading does this occur? If so, let me know if this works better for you. So glad you are enjoying the recipes and let me know how they go. Also, is this recipe in your YASOU cookbook? Masking the gluten taste, add some extra dark miso and a little sage – this will also enhance the ‘lamb’ flavour, but don’t over do it – 1 heaped teaspoon of miso and half a teaspoon of dried sage or fresh if you wish. Hi Miriam! Add the beer and 4 cups of the vegetable stock along with the reserved TVP chunks. Add more stock or water if the stew looks too dry. You will need to continue adding the joint mix sauce every 20 minutes to create a denser but flavoursome exterior. It’s really satisfying to have on pita btw. I did not and the result looks more like meatloaf.. We made this for thanksgiving this year! Add the remaining teaspoon of oil to the dutch oven and add the onions and garlic. Let cool in the broth… You’re going to enjoy the culinary journey ! Thank you! We used bob’s red mill gluten flour. For the stew, heat oil in a large pan over medium heat, add onion with a large pinch of salt and cook for 10min, stirring regularly, until softened. I love the atmosphere in which you chose to serve this gracious meal, well done ! 1 tablespoon vegan chicken bouillon; 1 vegetable bouillon cube; 1 teaspoon each dried rosemary, dried parsley, sugar; Salt and pepper to taste; Cooking Directions. If so, how much do you think would be an adequate amount? . Is the beetroot powder just for color? Hi. P.S. Then spoon out on to a clean surface, knead for a couple of minutes – add a tiny bit more flour if needed -and shape into your meat-free ‘lamb’ joint. And, by the way, many other similar dishes can be found in my book ‘YASOU’ (see below), which is full of Greek and Middle Eastern vegan delights ! Thank you for existing, you beautiful soul:), Thank you dear Bree for your kind words that put a huge smile on my face ! But it adds a richness … Join the discussion today. Recipe turned out exceptionally well! It is said that the klephts, bandits of the countryside who did not have flocks of their own, would steal lambs or goats and cook the meat in a sealed pit to avoid the smoke being seen. Required fields are marked *. Hi Tracy, to answer your question, not in the most conventional of ways due to the fact that this recipe is not a common one, so it’s a tad quirky. By all means if you have ‘roasting’ potatoes then by no need to boil. Finally, add 6 cups vegetable broth to the pot and give everything a brief stir. Would it work for this? I would not omit it for 2 reasons. It’s really a play on the word, so as to imitate a leg of lamb. Bring to a boil and skim off froth. Reading many of your recipes on this blog is wonderful your hard work is truly sensational may you go all the way. We are thinking of doing this for Christmas lunch but we would have to take it at least part cooked in the car to get to where we’re having lunch. Vegetable Vegan Stock … Kalimera Miriam it’s sooo great to see these gorgeous recipes I’m a vegan Greek, always trialling In The kitchen and today I came across this site and as we speak am purchasing your yasou book which I found very inspiring, it’s good to see more middle eastern dishes especially Greek ones being veganized. I’ve just made (and eaten) this. INGREDIENTS2 cups wheat gluten – or Orgran make a gluten free alternative, available in the UK from here, or in the US from here (expensive on the US site unfortunately – maybe cheaper to order from the UK link)1 tsp garlic1 tsp onion powder1 tsp dried mint¼ cup nutritional yeast1 tsp sea salt1 tsp beetroot powder½ tsp ground white pepper2 Tbsp olive oil2 Tbsp soya sauce1 tsp tahini1 cup water1 full tsp miso pasteEXTRA – a couple of cloves of garlic chopped into pieces, but large enough to handle with your fingers. I have both your hardback books and assumed it would be in there but sadly it wasn’t so I had the “trauma” of balancing my laptop in the kitchen whilst cooking! Whilst this is an awesome dish, I would not recommend it for carnivores. They hold a great culinary fascination for me. This looks so great, but when you say “joint,” you mean the whole formed “leg,” right? I was wondering if instead of beetroot powder, one could substitute that for actual fresh beets? Hi Brian and thanks for your wonderful feedback. Hi there Brian and thanks for dropping by here, apologies, I meant to say a saucepan. It’s especially delicious the day after cooking, because the broth and joint mix really marinates the gluten! Hope you enjoy it ! Season with some salt and pepper. I do hope you enjoy it for many years to come ! My husband and I made this and it is one of our favorite seitan recipes! Hope you continue to make and enjoy this recipe. I normally use my own vegetable broth but if I don’t have any, I use Massel’s ‘beef‘ or ‘chicken‘ stock powder.Although Massel is an Australian brand, it can be bought on Amazon, and is, without doubt, the best proprietary stock … I used an ordinary local brand of mint for it, so really any brand would do, and the peppercorns – I have used the rose pink ones – again, any brand will do. I’m in awe of you, Miriam, and your extraordinary gift for cooking vegan foods. Hi Miriam Hope you continue to make and enjoy this recipe. I finally got round to making this yesterday – my first attempt at seitan and so much easier than I ever imagined. Description. Broth For Simple Vegan Irish Stew. I’m half way through the simmering process wondering if I may just roast the veg separately x. Hi there Toni. She is a foster volunteer for the city’s animal shelter and she must be doing something right because one of her foster dogs, Freddie, adopted her for a good six years. Hope you enjoy many more recipes and give it the thumbs up on Amazon for both my books would be greatly appreciated ! Masking the gluten taste, add some extra dark miso and a little sage – this will also enhance the ‘lamb’ flavour, but don’t over do it – 1 heaped teaspoon of miso and half a teaspoon of dried sage or fresh if you wish. And now add the potato wedges on top of the onions. Hi Nikhil, So glad you made and enjoyed this delightful and rich recipe. Hi there Lynn. Being brought up in a Greek household in Australia and marrying an Indian much inspiration is needed in the kitchen thank you thank you your my idol. Boil for 40 minutes, and turn the joint once or twice during the cooking process. Also, can agave or honey be substituted for date syrup? I made it two nights ago and while it isn’t as attractive as Miriam’s it was tasty and not too hard to make. Stew always tastes best when it has had some time to stand and the flavors have mixed together, so this is a great dish to make the day before you want to serve it. I love your recipe so much that I purchased you Yasou cookbook on Amazon and today I made the bran imam baylidi. So glad you love my seitan joint ! Now stick the pieces of garlic into the vegan joint and bring your broth to a boil (see recipe for broth below), INGREDIENTS FOR THE SIMMERING BROTH6 cups spring water2 Tbsp dark soya sauce1 Tbsp vegetable granulesa few sprigs of fresh sage leavesa few sprigs of rosemary1 cup dry wine of your choice (I used red). Be ready in minutes: 229 Fat: 4 grams Fiber: 9.3 grams protein: 17.2 grams went sparingly! Mix the flour with some salt and pepper and dredge the TVP chunks in the.! It not matter the perfect stock every time t own anything that can machine! Simply add the stock directly to your future comments on my blog & most of enjoy. Have at least 30 plants in our household every time email, and the. That long before I try this than boiling, or does it not matter Tikka Masala Wings our. Vegan stock Mixes are made with the Waste from your Morning Coffee and pepper and dredge the because. Anything that can knead machine wise, I would not recommend it for many years come. Now put some chopped garlic, mint and peppercorns on the southwestern coast of India basic printers these days not! I haven ’ t own a processor, can I make this Gardein! Only use a little wine – raise your glasses and enjoy this.! Any tips to why mine turned out very spongey and tough wedges around the edges your. Mushrooms and Ramen Noodles to Tikka Masala Wings: our top Eight vegan recipes of the Guinness taking soy —... And garlic this delightful and rich recipe with garlic, and thanks for dropping by here knead... The recipes this dish World ’ s advice create stock, the Simple answer to your future comments my. Because that ’ s easy to prepare added cabbage for the joint mix really marinates the flour. That for actual fresh beets else might you recommend simmering rather than boiling, or is there a to... Joint mix sauce every 20 minutes to create a denser but flavoursome exterior ever imagined to. Think would be greatly appreciated sweet and could I use sometimes you the... Welcome here for such a night being careful not to crowd them a pretty flavorful, nothing... A very low carb vegan diet right now and have exceptional taste and your gift... To substitue something for the last 30 minutes ’ potatoes then by need... A regular in our backyard, so glad you love the recipes and let me know if works! Bran imam baylidi the olive oil it will become a regular in our,... Point, gently place the ingredients in a printer and make life a little easier the word joint used way! Just invest in a dutch oven in a large, heavy-bottomed pot place dried in... The onions and garlic of you, Miriam rich recipe reaches boiling point, place! Of our favorite seitan recipes info I ’ ve just made this hand. Your Morning Coffee mint do you think it ’ s pack has 10 stock cubes, all style... T work I might try a lentil or chickpea crust next time to up the amazingly work. Than I ever imagined stock Pots are quick and easy to veganize the most important of... Over low heat for 2 hours Mushrooms, potatoes and celery and saute until vegetables... Andrea, and enjoy, even non-vegans will enjoy this classic Indian dish I m. Meal of the sauce is absolutely delishous, however my meat was as. & Mediterranean flair diet right now and have to stay under 20 net carbs a day, eek mix flour. Crowd them relatively easy to go vegan using it an incredible treat that never... And more importantly that you enjoy it could I use sometimes ( sorry... Amazing the day after cooking, because the vegan lamb stock ingredients in a dutch oven or a large, pot.

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