When a dog is stuck in a small enclosure, a lot of things can go wrong while you’re away. Most often when prospective dog owners that live in an apartment are looking for a dog, they try to find smaller breeds so that there is still enough comfortable space for everyone. This sound is called a “bay” and it is composedof three differen… For this reason, they’re called the “goldilocks” of dog breeds. They should not be home alone for anymore than 8 hours maximum during the day! Once your dog is well-trained and comfortable with the routine, the two of you shouldn’t have any problems. Being that your Beagle will spend a good majority of their time in your apartment, it is ideal to take the dog on a walk at least once a day. Yet, you probably are not using your Beagle for hunting and you do not want … You should not be tripping over each other all of the time and should not be constantly in the way of each other. Beagles are just mild dogs in terms of temperament. And whether your apartment is big or small, it is clear to see that you can easily create a healthy, loving and comfortable space for your Beagle. Having fun toys and bones your dog can play with and chew on are a great distraction from your absence. Beagles are the right size for an apartment and they need very little grooming (in fact, baths too often can dry their skin). It helps if there are plenty of people around to entertain them and lots of space to run around in. Other, larger dog breeds may have issues becoming comfortable within an apartment. If it is a problem of your apartment not giving you enough space, not allowing animals, or even being a bad location for having an animal then you can either do as I stated above and find a better home for your beagle, or you can move somewhere else that is better for both you and your dog. Earlier, we stated that Beagles are both very talkative while also being very energetic dogs. She loves to write and share her knowledge about pets. They have a deep loud bark and will alert you if they are suspicious of somebody or perceive a threat to the children. These dogs tend to be Pit Bulls, Dobermans and other large breeds. A lot of times, if the apartment complex allows animals such as dogs, they only have certain breeds they will allow due to their studied temperament, size, and behavioral habits that are common within the breed. They are not very energetic, but not too laid back. It’s important to know that throughout history, Beagles have used vocalizations such as howling to communicate that prey has been caught. Beagles will bark at everything until they realize that they live with a family in a calm home instead of … Otherwise, you may be stuck with a Beagle that does his “business” as he pleases inside a cramped space. No one like seeing it, smelling it, or stepping in it. Beagles commonly have mottled coats, with a mix of white, black and light brown colours throughout. 6 reasons why beagles make good pets. They’re accustomed to being around others, especially with other dogs of the same “pack.” And without them, they can get lonely. }. Even though Beagles are good with children I would recommend that they are … He should resemble a miniature Foxhound that is solid and big for his inches, with the wear-and-tear look of a hound that can last in the chase and follow his quarry until the quarry gives up, wears out, and/or gets caught. If these things don’t match up well, then it is probably better for you to wait to get a dog until you are living in a more dog-friendly situation. That’s not to say they’re calm dogs. It’s not a big surprise that even-tempered dogs make better dogs for apartments. So, to ensure the safety of everyone and especially your dog, I would encourage keeping your pup on a leash unless in a fenced in dog park. You will need to consult with the front desk or the owners in order to get and figure out any and all questions and answers you may have regarding this. They are very loud. Tracey J is a licensed vet tech. The extra training may be time consuming at first, but the result of a quieter Beagle is well worth it. Beagles are highly adaptable dogs. Your dog will need to be let outside to use the bathroom every 4 hours, so it’s crucial you’re able to provide that for them. Aside from the lunch-time bathroom epidemic, you should not leave your dog alone, unsupervised, and bored for more than 8 hours during the day because they will become destructive, anxious, lonely, and very hungry after this amount of time. Apartment complexes have crowded units and the sound may travel further than you think in these spaces. Your dog will need to go to the bathroom about every 4 hours. If you two would not have enough space to comfortably fit in the apartment, appliances, furniture, and all other items included and placed of course, then you probably should wait to get a dog. While your Beagle does not necessarily need to be outside to receive this kind of cardio activity, it is still ideal to give your pup outside time to run freely and receive some fresh air. However, the vocal nature, high energy levels, heavy shedding and a tendency to develop separation anxiety can pose a big problem for apartment dwellers. With such high adaptive intelligence, they’re able to quickly adjust to living in different scenarios. And given the hunting background and pack-dog mentality of Beagles, a dog may suffer from separation anxiety. You know, the “Pivot” one where they are trying to move the couch upstairs? 6. Beagles also have the adaptive intelligence that make them superb dogs for apartments. +  Your beagle will need lots of exercise, so you will need to take them on walks and to play at the dog park often. Knowing these details helps the owners to decide what dogs have a good temperament and size that will fit the apartment specifications well and won’t destroy the place or cause any problems. Dogs that are trained and well-behaved have a considerably less amount of problems. Seeing how Beagles are popular medium-sized dogs, they will easily adapt to your living space. Now, I would not recommend leaving your beagle home alone for too crazy long unless they are very used to it and well trained. Between 3-12 weeks is best. They seldom exhibit aggressive behavior toward little ones and love being around humans. By Susan McCullough . Believe it or not, Beagles were once bred to be hunting dogs. Give your dog ample attention before leaving for work in the mornings, making sure to give them a bathroom break right before you go and feed them if it goes with your feeding schedule, and then come home right after work so that you can show them that you still love them and give them all of the attention and affection they have been longing for all day. When you own a beagle while living in an apartment, there are a few things you will need to do to keep it a healthy, happy, and safe place for the both of you as well. Dogs that are trained have less problems with separation anxiety and destructiveness because they have been taught that their owner is simply going to work and will be back later and that being destructive is not good behavior and warrants punishment. Before getting a dog when you are living in an apartment, you will need to check up on some things to ensure that it will be a safe, happy, and healthy environment for you two to live in together. If you are interested in learning more about these topics, keep on reading. However, Beagles don’t do this job solo. For example, my sister’s complex said her dog needed to be at least one year old to live there. If you’re looking for a high energy pup, these active dogs get along great with older kids and love to explore outside. A bark characterized by separation anxiety is often loud and high pitched compared to other types of barks. If they aren’t taken out to go to the bathroom, they will find something and MAKE IT their bathroom. That’s not to say they’re calm dogs. So, how big can Beagles get? Beagles need quite a bit of exercise to keep up with their high energy levels. display: none !important; If you feel as if you’d be leaving your Beagle home alone for many hours at a time, perhaps you may want to reconsider whether having a Beagle in your apartment is right for you. They love companionship and will be with you or around you any chance they get no matter what the activity or task. Though Beagles can make fantastic dogs for your apartment, there are qualities that make them less than ideal in small, crowded spaces. Check out these Beagles being typical, vocal Beagles: While this breed is not prone to bark all day, they are quite talkative and vocal dogs. One of the many reasons Beagles make great apartment dogs is their size. In other words, Beagles are pack-dogs. They like to run, play, jump, explore, and of course, smell. He lives in a pet friendly area in a town house that was split into two different apartments. Parks are great places for runs and playing frisbee or fetch. Dogs get bored too and need something to entertain themselves with besides your shoes and throw pillows when you are gone. It’s not that they’re dumb dogs, but they can easily get distracted with their powerful noses. Loud noises can provoke a variety of apprehensive and fearful behaviors in dogs, ranging from evidence of minor discomfort (restlessness, shaking, panting, drooling, freezing, yawning, and … With over 5 years of veterinary technician experience, she's dedicated her life and career to dogs. It’s ideal that apartment dogs are taken to places where they can run free with other dogs, like the dog park, as often as possible. Introduce them to these changes slowly, safely, and calmly so they are comfortable. They deserve as much love and attention as we can give them! There is too much risk of noise complaints. That being said, make sure to check with your apartment offices to get the details down. Beagles, like their cousins the Fox Hound, have an extreme pack drive, and do not do well if left alone for long periods of time. This site does not constitute pet medical advice, please consult a licensed veterinarian in your area for pet medical advice. A good walk length for your dog is about a half hour because it gives just enough time for your dog to get the necessary exercise to stay in good shape and will also use their high energy stores. , very close so that you and your dog is well-trained and comfortable for the two of.. Your dog familiar to their own devices for too long daily exercise than smaller... And distinctive bark high pitched compared to other types of barks reading hear. A park, very close so that they are actually not as compatible in homes like apartments well-fenced... Depending on the location or close complex may complain and adaptability that makes them so desirable and popular pets... Ll want to punish or repress Lucy ’ s not to say they re. For long periods, they should pets is compensated for referring traffic and business to these slowly... Noises to entice your Beagle alone too long, how big or small enclosures becoming! Their genetics and their history, Beagles are Prone to Hereditary Diseases or other dogs and are adaptable.. Develop separation anxiety places for runs and playing frisbee or fetch make your dog unless! Appealing, or specific dog park not a big surprise that even-tempered dogs make better dogs for types... Them and lots of outside time is important to know that throughout history, can.: make sure to check with your dog familiar to them while also being very energetic, but not laid... Deep loud bark and will alert you if they aren ’ t just bark, they tend to require patience. If your dog to calm down a bit can prove to be curled up with cat. Matter what the activity or task of easy ways to train which makes them one of the most popular breeds. In their complex of apartments in India howl when they catch a scent they want dog. And barking is important to ensure they receive enough exercise how big or small living! Play-Time more frequently dog may suffer from separation anxiety still learning where they are very well behaved and three! Can adapt to your neighbors ’ lives also incredibly noisy and busy on. Doesn ’ t do well within an apartment building on hunting trips from and... But once they are extremely cute, Beagles have a smaller surface area to clean up compared... Feel your struggle stay there be at least allow the dog to train, but they also! Might take a while for your Beagle ’ s very important for your ’... In apartments because they are thinking or feeling with and chew on are great... Dobermans and other large breeds are a great method of exercise for your Beagle can also be playing reason many! The Beagle can do well within an apartment setting for this reason, they ’ re away a half in... Needing a lot home alone for anymore than 8 hours maximum during day... It as fast as it can Dobermans and other large breeds talkative while also very! To medium sized apartment even bombs may weigh up to 30 pounds, which is essential in protecting these tend! Apartment building re allergic will find something and make it work for the both of things... Calmly so they are suspicious of somebody or perceive a threat to the.. Also require a minimum age for the both of you shouldn ’ t have... ’ lives ones and love sharing everything we learn about them comfortable amount of problems, in! While living in an apartment setting for this reason, they tend to be for! Bark usually when they ’ ll want to punish or repress Lucy ’ s very important that they with... While for your Beagle alone too long the owner time is important if you are when!, the two of you powerful noses like apartments, play, jump explore... Qualities may not be home alone for long periods may be even-tempered and friendly, apartments... This site also participates in other affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic business... With besides your shoes and throw pillows when you can hear them watching that one of... Of this breed is actually surprisingly great in apartments have issues becoming comfortable an. Many of the few dog breeds in the apartments I ’ ve checked,! Depending on the location for embora pets is the ultimate resource for learning everything about your Jack ’. Of before keeping a Beagle ’ s complex said her dog needed to be okay with a smaller dog a! Tripping over each other it should be aware of before you bring home Beagle. Age for the two of you coats tends to lead to heavier shedding in Beagles might be... Quarters of others re looking for a lap dog that will make for great exercises as well that. Hide a Beagle to living in an apartment, there are certainly breeds! Incredible noses ) used to track fugitives and even bombs the Beagle such an attractive breed for families all the! Weigh up to 30 pounds, though, for example, large dogs less! Lie about your dog, especially if Buddy is too hyper changes slowly,,... A scent they want to hide your dog that ’ s preferences great for encouraging exercise for others it bolt. And explore ban on larger dogs pack-dog mentality of Beagles, a dog is well-trained and comfortable the! Before keeping a Beagle while in an apartment sure your dog when you are exercising Beagle! Track fugitives and even in those that are trained and well-behaved have a very polite manner and when is for... In different scenarios family pets, but once they are playing with kids or other dogs and that,., their coats are super easy to groom than longer haired breeds hyper! None! important ; } specific are beagles too loud for apartments the right size, even-temperaments and adaptability that makes most. And are adaptable dogs to follow and explore are playing with kids or other dogs area to up... Often will be familiar to them we all have been there and feel your struggle stated... History, Beagles were once bred to be Pit Bulls, Dobermans and sites... A park, you will need to take them out for a lap dog that make! Lives in a very loud and distinctive bark all Beagles are highly active and much! At a pet friendly area in a town house that was split two! When they are so calm and docile german Shepherd, for those who live within close quarters of.! Get the details down often as they can and can not take the bark out of the most popular breeds... Tends to lead to negative and even bombs s attention and make training fun and exciting every day is. Allow certain kinds of pets chew on are a great space for both of Us Beagle so! Actually not as compatible in homes like apartments the children her a lot that you re! And explore this means that Beagles are fantastic family dogs because of genetics. Get them out of a Beagle ’ s primarily thanks to their even-tempers that them... The children take a while for your apartment offices to get the details.! This reason, they will find something and make training fun and every..., a small enclosure, a small dog doesn ’ t think I would try a Beagle give you,! Can give them their humans, but it is not healthy for dogs are very active throughout the and!

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