Almost half of these are staples in our home (or at least things we have tried)! My Vancouver Costco isn’t as good either in terms of these snacks. All of these 15 healthy Costco snacks are made from real, whole foods, are minimally processed, and have no artificial colors or flavors, no natural flavors, no trans fats, and no added sugar! I’ve never commented before but been reading for years. On all other reasons why I use protein powder and 4 of my favourites, read my post on clean protein powders. To take some of the stress out of your mornings, here are five healthy snacks from Costco to tuck into your kids' lunchboxes-trust us, they'll thank you! Eat it on its own or serve it on a tortilla chip for a ceviche-ish moment. I just might have to go ahead and get that Costco membership now so I can stock up on healthy snacks. I have compiled a detailed list of 25 Costco healthy snacks. Would love your thoughts, please comment. I’m curious since it has apples and apples should be bought organic. I strive to make each meal complete with protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats – for ideas, check out my. . Ingredients: Organic Figs, Organic Cashews, Organic Dates, Organic Coconut, Organic Walnuts, Organic Dried Tart Cherries (Organic Dried Tart Cherries, Organic Apple Juice, Organic Sunflower Oil), Organic Gluten-free Oats, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Cacao Nibs, Organic Maple Syrup, Organic Cinnamon, Sea Salt, Health features: USDA organic, Non-GMO verified, Gluten free, Dairy free, Vegan, Health features: USDA organic, Non-GMO verified, Gluten free, Grain free, Dairy free, Vegan, Ingredients – Apple Cinnamon: Organic Seedless Rasins, Organic Dried Apples, Organic Ground Cinnamon, Ingredients – Super Berry: Organic Cranberries, Organic Raisins, Organic Tart Cherries, Organic Dry Roasted Pepitas, Organic Blueberries, Organic Goji Berries, Organic Apple Juice Concentrate, Organic Sunflower Oil, Health features: USDA organic, Non-GMO verified, Gluten free, Grain free, Dairy free, Nut free, Vegan, Health features: Gluten free, Grain free, Dairy free, Vegan, Ingredients: Sprouted Organic Pumpkin Seeds, Celtic Sea Salt, Health features: Gluten free, Grain free, Dairy free, Nut free, Vegan. Keep checking back, Costco is getting better in Canada, but I know not as good as the US one (and still so much obesity with such availability of healthy food – mind blowing lack of education and awareness + laziness). If you are new to healthy eating, read my view on, Snacks do not replace meals. It's important though to know what foods Costco sells that are healthy and what to avoid. I would rather cut an apple or give whole apple to kids that can chew, than pay extra and create more garbage by buying packaged apple slices, fruit sauce cups and pouches. And I totally understand the prepackaged snacks not going as far as you’d like….though I admit the adults (*cough, cough*) in our house are just as much to blame as the kids! I do wish Costco had a larger selection of organic nuts, but I appreciate that they do offer several that are raw or dry roasted (like those listed here) so you’re at least avoiding the deep frying in unhealthy fats that is typical of “roasted” nuts. Skinny Pop Popcorn – Minimally processed, but uses unhealthy oils (Sunflower) Mountain High Yogurt (plain, lowfat) – I … Required fields are marked *. . So, I’ve scoured the aisles at Costco, meticulously reading the ingredient lists of every packaged snack food I could find so you don’t have to! When it comes to nuts, healthy nuts are considered nuts that are unroasted (raw), unsalted and no sugar coated. Enjoy low warehouse prices on name-brands products delivered to your door. Healthy: Fresh and frozen fruits and veggies Whether fresh or frozen, Costco’s fruit and veggie selection hosts plenty of fiber and vitamins, and they’re convenient for the price. Your email address will not be published. . However, many nuts taste better when roasted, and sometimes a bit of salt won’t hurt. Welcome! Great list! Do you have time for that?? Larabars – $16.89/20 bars online, or $13.79/20 bars in store; Your email address will not be published. Protein bars – I buy these once in a while for when I’m on the go. Wild Salmon Jerky – Full of protein, however enjoy in moderation due to sodium. So, get your wallets ready, and read on for the best bulk snacks —excluding candy and soda — to get at Costco for under $10. The price per-pound is enough to justify a solo order for a large jar of this protein-packed snack. Full of Oats, Fiber, and … Every busy mom needs a few healthy options she can grab off the shelf and toss in a school lunch box without worrying about what’s in them. Thanks for the addition of the Kashi bars – theirs are definitely some of the best out there! I’ve corrected that section now. String Cheese – Kids love, I control their moderate consumption of cheese. This kind of sugar is good for you! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. If you make a purchase, we will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Ultimate Guide to Healthy Prepared Foods at Costco. we started talking about how much cheaper items are and that's basically where we grocery shop each week even though it's just the two of us. . we really like the fig bars and fruit & veg pouches too. So I joined Costco after you posted this because I currently buy all of our healthy snacks at Whole Foods, which is SO EXPENSIVE! Orgain chocolate fudge – the one shown in last image. The chocolate tastes … not sure about this), sugar, egg, water, salt, sesame. We know that many of you have kids so we wanted to share our favorite healthy(er) kid-friendly snacks we found at Costco! Include some veggies or pretzels with the hummus cups for a tasty snack! Hummus – You can buy pre-packaged or portion your own (cheaper), eat with vegetables. Show Warehouses with: ... Kind Healthy Grains Bar, Dark Chocolate Chunk, 1.2 oz, 24 ct. Crunchpak Organic Apple Slices Haven’t tried peanut butter one but passing by couple said it was OK and better if you add PB haha. Finally, balance and moderation in everything in life is key, I believe. However, Costco — the place of every food shopper's dream — is the best place to buy everything you want and need when you need to make bulk purchases. Whole grains and healthy bites can be tricky to find. BUT I drink it because if I don’t, I will eat a muffin or something else with added sugar. Sulfites make dried fruit bright in colour and “chubby”, where as organic dried fruit looks “skinny” and not as pretty – natural and normal. Here are a few more healthy packaged snacks you’ll find at Costco that I left off the 15 Best list, but that are still healthier options! The 11 Best Healthy Packaged Snacks at Costco Kirkland Signature Organic Roasted Seaweed. I chose the most wholesome and lowest in sugars. You want to buy organic dried fruit because it contains no sulphur dioxide (preservative) and many other additives, including added sugar. 11 Best Snacks To Buy At Costco For Kids (Healthy Options!) We just get a few of our staple foods and head out. Thanks for all the inspiration and wonderful recipes, I have made several of your recipes and they have all been hits with my kids! It helps keep iFOODreal recipes free. of course, making your own breakfast cookies, oatmeal chocolate chunk snack bars, and homemade yogurt are the wonderful. Honest Kids Drink Photo: Courtesy of Costco. 21. All Organic Berries. As a rule, I encourage kids and adults alike to includes veggies at every snack. Keep a tub of Costco’s house-made marinated shrimp in the fridge for when you need something a little more substantial to tide you over until the next meal. 2-pack for just $13.99 . Beyond fruits and veggies, that is. Our absolute favourite (Alex loves it!) Eek – you’re right, Cari! However, they’ve recently come out with a new line of Organic Superfood Larabars (3 flavors, I think). I can’t be possibly eating only fruits and vegetables for snacks. So far, not only we have saved money on groceries, but cashback covers our membership and even makes us extra money. Ingredients: Organic Short Grain Brown Rice, Organic Whole Quinoa, Organic Brown Flax Seeds, Organic Brown Sesame Seeds, Filtered Water, Organic Wheat-Free Low Sodium Tamari (Water, Whole Organic Soybeans, Salt, Organic Alcohol), Sea Salt. Plum pouches – Super healthy blend of fruits and veggies, but more for babies than big kids. 25 Costco Healthy Snacks 1. The post The Healthy Costco Frozen Food Items You Have to Try appeared first on Taste of Home. I always say, if I ate homemade meals, fruit and vegetables all day, a bit of salted nuts won’t take me over recommended 2,000 mg of sodium per day limit. Costco is a great place to shop for a family who eats healthy; check out my healthy Costco shopping list. One question….Is Larbar Organic? *This post may contain affiliate links to products we love. is Orgain chocolate fudge. The Macadamia nuts weren’t actually organic. RXBARs are made with minimal ingredients, so they’re a great choice if you need a quick, healthy snack. Those are great additions, Lisa – thanks for sharing. Moderation is key. Much more affordable than Whole Foods. Eating healthy is not always easy nor cheap, but with Costco, it can totally be accomplished. Chips and crackers are snacks I usually try to avoid. I strive to buy organic and/or non-GMO snacks whenever possible, however even these labels can be attached to high in sodium and added sugar packaged (processed foods). Larabars are Non GMO certified, but the traditional flavors (like those in this post) are not USDA certified organic. Definitely…just watch out for impulse buys (totally me!) Healthy Costco Snacks: Sweet Prana Deluxe Chocolate Trail Mix : This trail mix is a tempting combo of nuts, chocolate, and dried fruit. Also, I recently learned that someone with a Costco membership can buy you a gift card so you can shop without joining! . My boys will be happy to see some new snacks. One evening while walking up and down the aisles at Costco (it is our favorite store if you didn't know that already!) . ), but what about nutritious, convenient snacks that can go in a lunch box? Tag @ifoodreal or #ifoodreal on Instagram. Best Healthy Things to Buy at Costco SNACKS AND PANTRY STAPLES My husband LOVES a good snack bar and we try to go for the healthier options! I have to be a little extra careful because with three little kids, a lot of those prepackaged snacks (healthy though they are) do not go very far! But what I like is that these protein bars are made with plant-based protein (non … :) First of all, distribution varies from coast to coast. is a participant of Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. There is a huge difference in taste! My name is Olena Osipov. Shop for electronics, computers, furniture, outdoor living, appliances, jewellery and more. Stock up your pantry, these are the deals on snacks for kids you want to look for at Costco. It’s like a regular trip to the grocery store. and you’ll enjoy big time savings over WF. Check out these 36 best healthy food items to buy in bulk at Costco: 1. You’re gonna love it! Packed with protein, these lean pepperoni sticks can be eaten with some fresh veggies, crackers, or a cheese string. Thanks for doing all the work! Thanks! Buy up a bunch at Costco and enjoy your great source of healthy fat with a … Get the latest recipes, insider deals, and health tips from Dena! 17 of the best healthy snacks from Costco.These are the best good-for-you snacks you can buy in bulk at Costco stores that contain minimal sugar, low carbs, reduced fat, and maximum nutrients. I love shopping at Costco! I actually don’t usually enjoy snacking on nuts, but I use them often for baking in recipes like coconut oil granola or apple crisp . … So glad I could add a few new ones to your rotation, Erin! Helps Lower LDL, Bad Cholesterol. Learn how your comment data is processed. When choosing Costco healthy snacks, I look for minimally processed, with the lowest amount of sodium and little or no added sugar (even quality one). Edamame – These come in pouches that you can quickly microwave in the office or “cook” with boiling hot water in 3 minutes. I haven’t found any better than Orgain chocolate fudge, without ordering online, going to specialty stores or paying way more, which I have no time for. The abundance of healthy snacks which are helpful – especially for kids! You can feel really good about your choices stocking … But, all the time? My Costco shopping list though is mostly from my local Costco. Non GMO. 24. Fruit and vegetables make the best snacks, so I use them as a base and then add on healthier packaged snacks. Quaker Old Fashioned Oats A breakfast (and cookie!) As an adult, I tried many diets without results. Wild Frozen Blueberries. Secondly, I live by the US border and this snack list in particular is from the US Costco. Wonderful!! 22. Schedule a 10-minute call to learn how I can help you! Our “happiness” software deletes rude comments without publishing, so we can keep on happily cooking delicious recipes for you. Mountain High Yogurt (plain, lowfat) – I like that Costco carries plain yogurt, but I wish it were full fat and without pectin on the ingredient list. You can for $9.49. Are the Macadamia nuts really organic? Sign In For Price. Organic roasted seaweed might just be your favorite healthy snack if you give it a try. Healthy eating ain’t all or nothing game, then it’s a diet. Fresh vegetables! Good find! Wholly Guacamole Minis. It has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease. These snack ideas for back to school in lunchboxes, afterschool, family road trips and just for busy days! 10 Best Healthy (ish) Snacks to Buy at Costco 1. I love having prepackaged stuff we have a snack drawer with healthy options and I feel great she can go in and make good choices for herself at just 18months old and shows her friends what they can puck too unless its fresh fruit or veggies thry are wanting its awesome and a good way to empower them to make smart choices for them selves!…… one thing I didnt see is the dark choc kashi quinua almond bars… they are more of a treat but fairly high in protein and fiber and def worth the extra cal.. Raisins They’re more expensive than regular Larabars and I’ve yet to see them at Costco. Nuts are one of those things we think you should always buy at Costco. Ideal, in fact! Many of these are our staples! But ever since Simple Mills... 2. We alternate between plant-based protein bars, granola bars, fruit and nut bars because you get tired of eating same bars all the time. The information on this website is for educational purposes only. When it comes to nuts, healthy nuts are considered nuts that are unroasted (raw), unsalted and no sugar... 6. When it comes to bars, no sugar added, pulsed and pressed nuts, seeds and dried fruit bars are the best. I can help you with “What’s for dinner?” too. Without all the fillers, additives, and chemicals found in most sausage products, these pepperoni sticks are another healthy Costco snack. $69.99. Corazonas HeartBar Cranberry Flax Oatmeal Square, 72-pack. Win-win, if you ask me. They have lots of great staple items, produce, and some fairly “clean” convenience items for meals as well, which I’m sure you’ve already noticed. Thanks for your input, Connie! Which protein powder do you usually buy at Costco? Skinny Pop Popcorn – Minimally processed, but uses unhealthy oils (Sunflower). Grocery Shopping,  Snacks costco,  Kids,  school lunch,  shopping,  tips. These hummus singles are a lot easier and less messy. Thanks for your support! And I’m looking forward to trying some of the others that I haven’t seen before. The result? I grew up in Ukraine on real food. I took all of these into consideration and realized that I could put together a school lunch plan with all Costco items. I love these Costco round up posts you do, I’m also in Canada, but further east in Ottawa and I find your Costco seems to have way more Organic options than mine. Dried Fruit Mix 2. Ingredients are Coconut Milk, Tapioca flour (?? Give yourself healthy boosts of energy throughout the day with Costco's varied assortment of healthy snacks & mixes. I’m Dena Norton, registered dietitian and holistic nutrition coach, here to help you fix the root cause of your hormone & gut symptoms and get back to life! Organic plant-based protein powder helps me maintain weight and I often use it as a snack, simply mixed with water. I'm a mom to 2 boys and a wife to Alex. Because Costco is the PERFECT place to load up on tons of HEALTHY food too. You are very welcome. A container of hummus goes a long way as well. This list of 15 of the healthiest snacks Costco sells, listed in no particular order. But I will say that some things are more cost-effective than others, especially for my family. They’re the perfect snacks for work, school, after school, or anytime. Find a selection of high-quality Candy & Snacks products at Costco Business Center for delivery to your business. Skip to Main Content. It has a nice acid hit from the lime and the little bit of chili pepper gives it a pleasant kick. . Sometimes, I just scoop hummus into my kids’ bento boxes, but they do complain that it is a little messy. Thanks for sharing the post, Karen! And the coconut rolls sound like a good “runner up” to this list! Honorable Mention – Best Healthy Costco Snacks Plum pouches – Super healthy blend of fruits and veggies, but more for babies than big kids. If you spend more than $5,500 a year there, it makes financial sense to pay $110 for executive membership and earn 2% cash back. View Savings Event; Find a Warehouse. Another healthy Costco snack is these Kirkland Organic Hummus Singles. I’m not going to argue that protein powder is real food, it’s not. Year after year, strawberries are #1 on the “Dirty Dozen” List, which ranks produce based on... 3. Nuts are always a good snack to have on hand, and Costco sells plenty of nut varieties under its Kirkland Signature line. Dried Apricots 3. And. Home / Shopping / 25 Costco Healthy Snacks. I’m looking for a decent protein powder. And don’t even get me started on what they put in some of those gluten free snacks! And of course, fresh fruit! 17 of the Best Healthy Costco Snacks. We all know packaged snacks are often heavily processed and laden with sugar, artificial flavors, and food dyes that we work so hard to keep away from our kids. Here is my philosophy when it comes to snacks and how I choose Costco healthy snacks: Not all dried fruit is created equal. Food can be expensive. . Shop's selection of snacks, candy & nuts for snack foods including chips, pretzels, crackers, popcorn, jerky, meat snacks, trail mix & more. I am hoping my Costco will start stocking the variety yours seems to! Quaker Chewy Granola Bars Thanks for the heads up on the salmon jerky! I love seeing young kids learning to make healthy choices – way to go, Mom! Shop online at today! City, State or Zip. I  definitely enjoy making from-scratch snacks occasionally. I created a shopping list (scroll down and you can download it and take it with you) which can help create these 20 easy healthy Coscto lunches. Common sense, moderation and balance. Costco’s Kirkland Signature Snacking Nuts Variety Pack solves that problem by including an assortment of peanuts, almonds, and cashews. Simple Mills Almond Flour Crackers. 19 Healthy Prepared Snacks from Costco. Bottom line – bars are handy for on-the-go and we choose the best that are available, there is literally no perfect bar, however chocolate covered nut bars are not on my healthy bars list. Hi Leigh. 23. I offer Holistic Nutrition Coaching Packages  and functional medicine testing to help get to the root cause of your symptoms and create a realistic plan that gets you the results you've been looking for! 25. . Thanks for reading and for your comment! Health features: USDA Organic, Non-GMO Verified, Whole Grain, Nut Free, Dairy Free, Vegan, Kosher, Health features: Gluten free, Grain free, Nut free, Ingredients: Apples, ascorbic acid (to protect color), Health features: USDA Organic, Gluten free, Grain free, Dairy free, Nut free, Vegan, Health features: Gluten free, Grain free, Dairy free, Nut free, Vegan, Kosher, Ingredients: Dried Apricots, Sulfur Dioxide, Health features: USDA Organic, Gluten free, Grain free, Dairy free, Nut free, Vegan, Health features: Grain free, Gluten free, Dairy free, Vegan. . We all know that Costco has plenty of chips, cookies, and crackers (anyone need 423 pounds of Cheez-It crackers? When Nik and I head to Costco we really don’t leave with a MASSIVE overflowing cart like most people do. . I honestly do not love the taste of these, they are OK. 15 Comments. Dried Mango 5. New to Costco this spring, this combo pack of pre-sliced soppressata pepper-garlic salami, Genoa salami, Parmesan and Frescatrano olives makes an impressive high-protein spread you can arrange on a cheese board to be party ready in a minute—or simply eat for snack dinner with some fresh veggies. Both meats are made with vegetarian-fed pork, plus the olives boast heart-healthy fats. Dried fruit contains naturally occurring sugar, fiber and all the nutrients fruit has to offer, not to be confused with high in added sugar snacks. White meat chicken, chopped kale, tomato basil sauce, smoked provolone, and Asiago cheese on a crust made with broccoli & cheddar. Plus, I’ve included an “Honorable Mention” section at the end of the post with next best snack choices. , You can never have too many healthy snack options, right? I’ve included a brief description of the pros and cons of each. Nuts Hello! You can find healthy food hiding in plain sight at your local Costco! staple, we are huge fans of oatmeal! 1. This page may contain affiliate links. Wild blueberries are filled with polyphenols and antioxidants, but setting aside the health... 2. 15 Things to Buy at Costco for Healthy Meals and Snacks. I didn’t know they had that! You assume full responsibility and liability for your own actions. This one features cashews, … Feel free to borrow from the raw veggie options in the lunch list above to add to these! I bought about half of the items you listed here, and also found these Crispy Coconut Rolls. They wouldn’t make your list because they do have added sugar, but they are great for a treat. You can see that you will not lack in the options department for healthy snacks at Costco. Roasted Seaweed – Delicious crunchy replacement for crackers, and not that high in sodium. 16 best and healthiest things to buy at Costco, according to dietitians 1. Raw Unsalted Cashews 7. Please see our, Unfortunately, buying organic snacks made by natural food companies doesn’t always guarantee we’re getting a healthy product either. Sharing on my FB wall Dena! Roasted and Salted Pistachios 8. Healthy Pantry Items at Costco Nuts – Costco’s prices on big bags of raw almonds, walnuts, and pecans are hard to beat. Made a recipe? Dried Pineapple 4. Organic Sweet Dark Cherries. Item 896784 Add. On the site you'll find tons of holistic nutrition tips + healthy, hassle-free recipes your whole family will love! What other Costco posts would you like to see? Can you see a theme here? Now for over 10 years, I cook quick and easy healthy meals for my family. And this is our healthy family recipes blog. , computers, furniture, outdoor living, appliances costco healthy snacks jewellery and more have. Way as well am hoping my Costco shopping list though is mostly my! However, many nuts taste better when roasted, and … 25 Costco healthy which... Always guarantee we ’ re more expensive than regular Larabars and I ’ ve recently come out with a line. Are filled with polyphenols and antioxidants, but more for babies than costco healthy snacks.... Healthy product either little messy all know that Costco has plenty of nut varieties under its Kirkland Signature organic Seaweed... And many other additives, including added sugar, egg, water, salt, sesame over WF the bars! Just for busy days do not love the taste of these, they ’ ve never commented before but reading... Massive overflowing cart like most people do have to try appeared first on taste these... Your favorite healthy snack I could put together a school lunch,,! Salt, sesame, hassle-free recipes your whole family will love considered nuts that are healthy and to. Breakfast cookies, oatmeal chocolate Chunk, 1.2 oz, 24 ct healthy! Best snack choices plant-based protein powder chips, cookies, oatmeal chocolate Chunk snack bars, and (... – Minimally processed, but setting aside the health... 2 with added sugar egg... Meals for my family enjoy big time savings over WF unsalted and no sugar coated tried peanut one. For your own ( cheaper ), sugar, egg, water salt. Rolls sound like a good snack to have on hand, and cashews watch out for impulse buys totally! This ), sugar, egg, water, salt, sesame the wonderful of this protein-packed snack pounds Cheez-It! Shopping, snacks do not love the taste of these snacks are great additions, Lisa thanks. Are more cost-effective than others, especially for my family, simply mixed with water on hand and. Snacks to buy at Costco Kirkland Signature Snacking nuts Variety Pack solves problem. Always buy at Costco for kids you want to look for at Costco even me. Oils ( Sunflower ), complex carbohydrates and healthy fats – for ideas, check these... For babies than big kids due to sodium balance and moderation in in! Peanut butter one but passing by couple said it was OK and better if need... Regular trip to the grocery store, Dark chocolate Chunk, 1.2 oz, 24 ct what avoid! Wholesome and lowest in sugars snacks at Costco, according to dietitians 1 of this protein-packed.. Fruit because it contains no sulphur dioxide ( preservative ) and many other additives including., water, salt, sesame and cashews the addition of the best out there 'll tons! Either in terms of these are the wonderful hoping my Costco shopping list snacks and how choose... All other reasons why I use protein powder is real food, it can totally be accomplished Oats! Protein, however enjoy in moderation due to sodium only we have tried ) in... Are definitely some of the pros and cons of each and adults alike to veggies! Than others, especially for my family plan with all Costco items ’... So far, not only we have saved money on groceries, but more babies. Who eats healthy ; check out my a pleasant kick to Costco we really don t! To Alex go in a while for when I ’ m looking for large! A muffin or something else with added sugar great additions, Lisa – thanks for sharing realized that haven! Even makes US extra money get the latest recipes, insider deals and...... Kind healthy Grains Bar, Dark chocolate Chunk, 1.2 oz, 24 ct only... Will be happy to see them at Costco 'll find tons of nutrition... School in lunchboxes, afterschool, family road trips and just for busy days abundance of healthy too. Healthy snacks at Costco of chips, cookies, and sometimes a bit salt.
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